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Print - Issue 9: Hope [Imperfect Issue]

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Please note: This is an imperfect issue and is sold as-is. The issue is heavily discounted because of some minor imperfections that occurred in storage. These imperfections may include subtle scratches on the cover, bent corners, or coating wearing off the cover.

Issue nine is called 

Hope is a hard thing—hard to explain, hard to understand, sometimes hard to even hold on to. 

How do we find hope in a world where everything wrestles for our last bit of faith and attention? We've seen the monotony of daily life, represented by piles of bills and unfolded laundry. We've seen the wickedness of mankind, manifested in death and rape and racism. But where do we see hope? 

The paradox of hope is this: it does not exist in this world, and that is good news. We've seen the best and the worst this world has to offer, and it has left us wanting. But lasting hope came to this world, not from it. Unworldly hope was discovered in a bundle of swaddling clothes and lost in blood-soaked burial linens. But three days later he rose again and left us with a promise—we, too, can one day enter the kingdom that hope came from.


  • The Cross Aired All Your Dirty Laundry
  • Grace for the Working Mom
  • Where Is My Adventure?

"May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that by the power of the Holy Spirit you may abound in hope." -Romans 15:13

DETAILS // 126 pages; 25 articles; offset printed and perfect bound; coated cover; full color; printed in the USA

Cover photo by Megan Holloway

Print - Issue 9: Hope [Imperfect Issue]

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