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19 Sep, 2014

Judge Not the Lord by Feeble Sense, but Trust Him for His Grace: The Faith of William Cowper

At first glance, William Cowper’s life and testimony seem nothing short of an emotional and psychological train wreck. Cowper struggled in the pits of despair for years and attempted suicide three times, which makes it easy to pass him off as a troubled soul. But dive a little deeper into the life of this man, and we can find a stunning testimony to the mighty hand of the God who promises that no one shall pluck out of his hand those he gives eternal life (John 10:28)...

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12 Sep, 2014

Issue 3 Cover Release

In this autumn issue, "Branch," our focus is on the Body of Christ, and the fruit we bear as an extension of Jesus in this world. We are called to "branch out"—be fruitful, spread the Gospel, and be living examples of our Savior's love...
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02 Sep, 2014

At the Threshold of the Day

“It’s five o’clock.” That phrase, uttered in the dark of our bedroom, used to mean, “We have another two hours to sleep.” But now, it’s a password between my husband and me, given from one to another as the gray dawn warms...

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29 Aug, 2014

DIY: Sunburn Remedy

Even with the best of precautions sunburn still happens.  Consider having this DIY natural remedy on hand to reduce pain and promote quick healing...
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