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17 Sep, 2015

A Word to the Planners: Let's Seek Jesus

If someone made a movie about my life, there would be a few repeated themes: plan-making, good intentions, and clear expectations. In school, I expected to win tennis matches, please my teachers, date the guy I’d marry, and be accepted—with scholarship money—to the five colleges that received my application. Some of that happened. Some of it didn’t.…

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10 Sep, 2015

Shattered Windows

I am sitting here waiting for the police to arrive at my house and inspect the shattered window to my beloved car. After a recent move it was filled with boxes of old and treasured books, making it a perfect target for burglary. While I sat laughing with friends, a stranger was breaking into my car right below us, turning what should have been a safe haven into a place of vandalism…
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03 Sep, 2015

The Stories Left Untold

I want to hear more about God’s promises, ways his faithfulness shines in our deepest fears and failures. I want to hear more stories of hope. I want to hear more about the goodness of God. I can’t help but think, though, aren’t we skipping some stories? I mean, I know the stories where God radically changes lives are the ones that stir our souls, but what about the others?...

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20 Aug, 2015

Q&A with Author Gloria Furman

When introducing Gloria Furman, it’s hard to know where to start. She is a blogger, doula, and pastor's wife in the United Arab Emirates. She’s the mother of four children and the author of three books: Glimpses of Grace, The Pastor’s Wife, and Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full. But when reading her books and corresponding with her in preparation for this interview, I noticed a tranquility in her writing that pressed beyond a simple list of titles. Her words beat unceasingly on one drum: Grace. Grace. Grace....

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