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20 Jan, 2015

Q&A with Christie DuPree of Merriment

Christie DuPree is not one to blend in. Her fiery red hair could be spotted from a mile away, but she embodies quiet confidence and a gentle, sweet spirit. One-third of the indie rock band Merriment, DuPree comes from a long line of insanely talented musicians...
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15 Jan, 2015

Washed Away

Since childhood, the compulsion to wash my hands constantly throughout the day, whether they were dirty or not, plagued me. I can trace the habit's genesis back to the time of my parents' separation when I was ten. In the midst of an emotional maelstrom, hearing two sides of a sad story, and feeling torn right down the middle, I experienced a loss of security and sense of control. I'm no psychologist, but I believe my subconscious was searching for a way to regain some of that control. I couldn't clean up the mess in my life, but I could clean my hands. And I did. I scrubbed them until they cracked and bled...
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01 Jan, 2015

This Year I'm Flying Standby

I started 2014 doing one of the things I love most: traveling. As I boarded a plane on the first day of last year, I felt a sense of adventure marking the new year. I had spent my morning dreaming with God about a new year of my life, and I couldn’t stop thinking all day long about the idea of being on an ongoing journey with him. But when the time came for me to return from my trip, a snowstorm had hit the entire southeastern region of the United States, and flights were backed up for days. I got my name on a standby list, put all my hope in the next plane, and for two days and probably ten flights, I was denied a seat.

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24 Dec, 2014

The Birth of a New Nature

Let our tired souls be comforted this Christmas morning. Jesus came down from heaven, giving up, for a time, the worship of angels that he rightly deserves, in order to live a perfect life and take away the sins of all those who believe in him!
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