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20 Aug, 2015

Q&A with Author Gloria Furman

When introducing Gloria Furman, it’s hard to know where to start. She is a blogger, doula, and pastor's wife in the United Arab Emirates. She’s the mother of four children and the author of three books: Glimpses of Grace, The Pastor’s Wife, and Treasuring Christ When Your Hands Are Full. But when reading her books and corresponding with her in preparation for this interview, I noticed a tranquility in her writing that pressed beyond a simple list of titles. Her words beat unceasingly on one drum: Grace. Grace. Grace....

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13 Aug, 2015

5 Ways to be All God Calls You to be as a Homebound Woman

Our busy world is flying by faster than we can change out of our floppy PJs most days. Beyond the main street chaos, there are countless women who stay at home by choice or by necessity: behind closed doors while the family is out, the husband is at work, the children are at school, or if you’re like me, dealing with a chronic illness. If you’re one of these women, it can be a huge blessing to have the ability to stay in the home. Sometimes, it can also feel like a burden as we watch the world fly by outside of our windows, wishing we could join in...
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06 Aug, 2015

Blueprints and Fingerpaints

I had ideas of my own. Blueprints of what this "living house" should look like. But more and more every day I've noticed how crumpled and worn they've become from years of holding tight, all but falling apart in my white-knuckled hands...
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30 Jul, 2015

A Story of a Hopeless Heart

Hope is frightening. It is by far one of the most frightening things we’re asked to hold on to as Christians. It is often met by pain and disappointment and is one of the biggest risks we are asked to consistently take. Hoping for a husband in the midst of a long season of singleness. Hoping for financial provision that seems all too impossible. Hoping for the salvation of a family member who wants nothing to do with God...
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