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23 Feb, 2015

How I Learned To Love Love Stories

I’ve never been crazy about love stories. I’m thinking here of the Victorian sort, where Character A falls in love with Character B but, due to a series of mislaid letters and misinterpreted glances, does not declare said affections until 300 pages have elapsed and I have lost interest. The heroines in these stories always seemed to be losing their bloom and having it restored by . . .
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11 Feb, 2015

5 Ways to Love a Friend on Valentine's Day

February 14th is probably one of the most loved and hated holidays of the year. It’s loved by elementary-aged kids who can’t wait to hand their crush a valentine, and it’s treasured by those in committed relationships who celebrate the tradition of expressing love through gift-giving and fancy dinners. But it’s hated by those who are reminded that they are spending another day without a significant other...
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29 Jan, 2015

DIY: Glitter Mason Jars

One way to brighten a gloomy spirit during the winter months is to bring in decorations that will lighten the mood. These glitter mason jars do just that. I made these as the centerpieces for my wedding and have loved using them to decorate my home since then. They are perfect for any season, but especially during gloomy winter months...
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22 Jan, 2015

Imago Dei: Bringing the Gospel Into Conflict With a Culture of Death

January 22, 1973. This is a day that should live in infamy in our history. It’s a day that I pray will soon be remembered with the same shuddering with which we remember the events of the Holocaust. On this day, the US Supreme Court established the “freedom” to end a pregnancy with abortion at any time, for virtually any reason. Since then, abortion has destroyed upwards of 55 million lives in the US alone. That’s over 1 million lives ended each year...
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