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03 Nov, 2015

7 People Not To Be on Election Day

How does your Christianity look on Election Day? When it comes to politics and Christianity, there are a whole lot of landmines to avoid. Don’t be one of these seven types of Christians when it comes to politics.…
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28 Oct, 2015

Legacy that Lasts

But legacy isn’t about how great our minds are or how remarkable our actions. It’s not about being celebrated or remembered by future generations for our impressive contributions to humanity. It’s about leaving an indelible impression on those around us. A unique, unmistakably Christ-like mark on the lives that are carefully and divinely interwoven with ours, both now and in the future.…
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22 Oct, 2015

Losing Control

If the Gospel is true, the ultimate reality yet to be realized is hope, not despair. I really believe that Jesus is going to make all things new. I really believe that we are a tiny dot somewhere in the arc of a long, redemptive story. But it’s so easy to forget that—to get so wrapped up in our own story and our own needs and wants that we lose perspective. But because I don’t know what God is up to, ever really, except for writing this long story of redemption, it does take faith—real faith—to trust in God’s goodness.…
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