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31 Mar, 2015

Of Water and Sacrifice

What is this water of life to be poured forth? It is the love of Christ, love that we cannot earn or buy, only freely accept and then offer to others by giving our lives (1 Peter 4:10). We don't have to thirst, and we don't have to be empty (even if there are days we feel we are). The Water of Life comes from a well that will never run dry...
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23 Mar, 2015

Listen, Look Up, and Love

God hears his children. And we ask for things endlessly. We send requests up with crossed fingers and hopeful hearts. It's a good thing that we rejoice when we see that he has listened. We may believe that he inclines his ear to listen. We may even be delighted when we see that he does. But do we realize that it is more than our voice that needs to be heard?…
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