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15 Oct, 2015

Legacy and Cherry Pie

Our legacies are not autobiographies, long-winded and chronological. Rather, they are fragmented compilations of moments—mostly little ones—that mean something, that continue to give after we are gone. Rolling out pie dough, pinching it into the sides of the pan, and pouring the tart cherry mixture over it, I smile and think of her. My husband will never meet my great-grandmother this side of heaven, but when I serve him a piece of her pie or a stack of her pancakes, he experiences her legacy of hospitality, of offering something sweet and tasty to those who are hungry.…

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13 Aug, 2015

5 Ways to be All God Calls You to be as a Homebound Woman

Our busy world is flying by faster than we can change out of our floppy PJs most days. Beyond the main street chaos, there are countless women who stay at home by choice or by necessity: behind closed doors while the family is out, the husband is at work, the children are at school, or if you’re like me, dealing with a chronic illness. If you’re one of these women, it can be a huge blessing to have the ability to stay in the home. Sometimes, it can also feel like a burden as we watch the world fly by outside of our windows, wishing we could join in...
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26 Sep, 2014


My priorities during the day include loving Jesus and my little boy. There will always be dust to clean, laundry to do, dishes to stack neatly in a cupboard. But there will not always be a little boy to raise and point to the Lord. In truth, I do housework in vain because the clutter and dirt will return day after day after day. But my little boy won’t...
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29 Aug, 2014

DIY: Sunburn Remedy

Even with the best of precautions sunburn still happens.  Consider having this DIY natural remedy on hand to reduce pain and promote quick healing...
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