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25 Nov, 2014

A Grateful People

If giving thanks is just listing all the happy things and feelings I credit God for giving me, I’m sorely missing the point. I’m missing the foundation of thanksgiving, which is the very nature and character of God...
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20 Nov, 2014

Gathered Fragments

“And when they had eaten their fill, he told his disciples, ‘Gather up the leftover fragments, that nothing may be lost.’” (John 6:12)
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31 Oct, 2014

Reverse Trick or Treating

So much about Halloween can be dark, scary, and sometimes even satanic that we as believers often find ourselves torn between what is right and wrong. Should I let my kids go trick-or-treating? Is it okay if they trick-or-treat, as long as they don’t dress up as a witch or gargoyle? Maybe we aren’t really participating in Halloween if we just give out candy and refrain from sending our own kids out with costumes and pillowcases. And who really has the right answer?
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17 Oct, 2014

Heavenly Contentment

I seek to find contentment here, to find a mental place of satisfaction in the midst of this culture and this world. It’s not easy. No, I’m beginning to feel that we are not meant to be satisfied here. As believers, our souls have been created to be fulfilled only by the Creator. And yet I still catch myself trying to satisfy my soul in every other way but him...
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